How about Some Housekeeping and Home Renovation Jargons!

Do home renovation words confuse you? Here’s a list of words and phrases commonly used in the home designing industry.

There are some English words and phrases used predominately for renovating, decorating, and cleaning houses. Learning those words can be useful not only in understanding blogs and articles related to home decoration and home furnishing, but also in communicating with a niche audience well while writing and speaking.

For example, when a person in the UK says they want to renovate or do up their houses, they essentially mean to say they want to make changes in their house to keep up with the current trend.

Let’s take a look some other frequently used words and phrases used most in the interior designing industry.

Home Decoration

I want to give my bedroom a lick (paint walls) and put up some wall papers (attach new papers to the walls) thereafter.

Besides, I also want to put up blinds/curtains (cover the windows with blinds or curtains) and throw out old light fittings (change the lights).

I’m essentially going for a contemporary effect (recreate a contemporary look).  Everything is nearly done but I just need to put the finishing touches to the bedroom (complete the bedroom decoration with the final details).

Home Renovation

Jon says he is going to have an extension (build on the existing house to provide more rooms). He is thinking about converting the loft (convert the attic into a livable room) and turning the dining room into a spare bedroom.

If necessary, he will knock down a wall (demolish the wall) or knock through from the kitchen (demolish the wall from the kitchen into another room).

He is also thinking of about rewiring the house (put in new electrical wires) and re-plastering the ceiling and re-tiling the bathroom.

If possible, he will also put in a fitted kitchen (install a kitchen where units are connected and not single pieces).

Home Cleaning

Every weekend, I make it a point to tidy up my room. I hoover the floors, rugs and carpets (clean with a vacuum cleaner) using different hoover attachments.

However, I make sure to give it a thorough clean during the spring cleaning (clean the house thoroughly when the winter is over).

For example, I polish the sliver, de-clutter the bedroom, wash soft-furnishings (curtains or furniture covers) and touch up the paintwork (repaint areas where the pain has come off). Moreover, I get into all corners of my house (behind heavy furniture) and give it a thorough clean.

Most importantly, I clean high up (remove cobwebs) to make sure they look clean.

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